Aqua Spirit inflatable stand up paddleboard (iSUP)

REVIEW: 4.6 * out of 5*
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An Overview of the board

The SUP-board is 10 feet long, measuring 32 inches wide, and 5 inches thick. It has an ergonomic footbed to keep your feet comfortable, while the included adjustable paddle can be set to your preferred height.

Get the best of everything, with this hybrid all-around board. The nose narrows into a raised tip to glide through both still or choppy water. A durable insert works with 2 support fins to increase steering.

We want your SUP boarding experience to be as easy as possible. That’s why we designed a convenient, high-performance, built-in iSUP pump with pressure gauge. Inflate your board with ease, or deflate it for transportation and storage.

You can easily pack everything you need to head out onto the water with our convenient kit. The kit comes with a 3-piece adjustable aluminium paddle, a safety leash to keep you close to your board, plus an iSUP pump. As an additional bonus, we have included a wet suit change mat and waterproof smartphone case.

When you want the best paddleboard and iSUP gear, shop Aqua Spirit. They’re passionate about helping you have the best experience possible. You’ll find innovative designs alongside premium materials. A full 2-year warranty is offered on this product for ultimate peace of mind.

Who and What Type of SUPing Is the Aqua Spirit 10ft Inflatable SUP Board Designed for?

The Aqua Spirit 10ft Inflatable SUP Board is an entry-level board, designed for beginners who are looking to experience SUPPing fo the first time. The kit included ensures that you can begin your SUP adventure within minutes of getting to the water.

The board isn’t the longest available, but only if you are above 6 foot in height would we suggest getting a longer board. In addition, if you’re over 16 stone in weight, then this board may be a bit on the thin side.

How Does The Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable Paddleboard Perform?

This board enables novices and intermediates to find their balance more easily. A grooved footbed keeps your feet standing comfortably as you paddle in both fresh and saltwater. The included paddle is adjustable and can be set to your preferred height.

Its a well-performing board for leisure SUPPing, and for an initial go at the sport.

What Are the Specifications of Aqua Spirit 10’ iSUP Board?

Here’s a run down of the Aqua Spirit specs:
Board thickness: 5 inches
Board width:32 inches wide
Board length: 10 foot in length

What Is The Aqua Spirit 10’ Inflatable Paddle Board Made of?

Non-inflatable stand up paddle boards are made from an epoxy resin; whereas inflatable paddle boards like this are made from double layer multi stitched PVC. This is all held together by base cloth material. A non-slip EVA foam deck pad is stitched at the very top of the board to give you extra grip when standing on it.

The rails, which are usually the weakest part of the board have a double layer PVC material holding the top and bottom half of the double-layer construction together.

What Are the Features of the Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP Board?

The Aqua Spirit 10′ Inflatable SUP is packed with features:

  • A bungee storage area
  • A carry handle
  • A deck pad
  • Multiple D-rings
  • An inflation valve
  • A single D-ring at the rear
  • Fins underneath the board

There is a 4-point bungee storage system, which is located at the front of the board. This gives you an area where you can store your equipment (water bottle, sun hat, shades etc) when out paddling.

The centre carry handle is located right in the middle of the board, and is as you might imagine, to enable you to carry the board around when it is fully inflated. This particular SUP is very light in weight anyway, so carrying it about shouldn’t pose too many problems. We would not advise dragging any SUP on the ground, no matter what material it is made from, as this will damage it.

There’s an EVA foam deck pad which is designed to be non-slip, which you stand on when out on the water. It features a grooved soft surface, so it’s perfect for standing or kneeling on (when you’re still learning to SUP!)

The 4 D-rings are centrally located on the board but set at the outer edges. Their main purpose is so that you can attach additional items to the board, whether its a fishing net, a waterproof bag with some of your extra gear in it etc. (By the way the waterproof bag etc are all sold separately)

The high-pressure inflation valve is located to the rear of the board. It, as you might imagine, is where you inflate the board to 15 PSI, in order to make it go rigid. If you under inflate it, even if it feels rigid, then you run the risk of it not responding in the way it should whilst you are paddling.

The single D-ring at the rear of the board which sits behind the inflation valve is used for attaching the leash to the board, so that when you fall off (and you will!!), the board doesn’t float too far away from you.

The fins are a key part of any SUP, and the Aqua Spirit 10ft iSUP has 3 fins. The bigger fin in the middle can be detached whilst 2 smaller side fins are fixed to the board permanently. The fins improve tracking of the board whilst you are paddling.

What Else Is Included in the Aqua Marina 10′ Inflatable SUP Package?

    • An adjustable Paddle

The paddle is a 3-piece adjustable aluminium paddle that is provided with most SUPs and kayaks. It isn’t perfect, but will be more than suitable whilst you’re learning to paddleboard.

    • A manually operated Pump

As an inflatable SUP you’re going to need to pump this board up, so why not use a manual pump? Well it’s going to be tiring, but at least it doesn’t require any electricity! To pump the board up to 15PSI will be quite an effort, but it’s doable with the manual pump. When you’ve been SUPing for a little longer you may want to look into an electric SUP pump.

    • A carry Backpack

The entire SUP package can fit within this backpack, and be carried around. So even if you have to park the car half a mile from the actual beach, you don’t have to drag this SUP all of the way.

    • A super Coiled leash

The Aqua Spirit 10′ iSUP package includes a supercoiled ankle leash which you connect via the single D ring to your board, in case you fall off (and again, you will!!).

    • A wetsuit change mat & waterproof phone case

To be honest, they are not essential items, they are nice to haves. However, the waterproof phone case definitely will come in handy even when you’re not SUPing, as it keeps all of the sand and dirt away from your phone too – so a nice little addition in our eyes.


REVIEW: 4.6 * out of 5*
PRICE: Check the best price now!!