Art of Adventure

Having acquired the Art of Adventure domain recently, we wanted to provide some information from it’s previous reincarnations for those of you who might be interested. Art of Adventure was an outdoor adventures specialist, with details and links on a myriad of water sports (canoeing, kayaking, sea kayaking and white water safety, although stand up paddle boarding was not explicitly mentioned), walking, camping, caving and abseiling.

The main purpose of the site was to highlight all of the activities that you can do outside in the UK countryside and at the coast. For video examples of some of the water sports and white water kayaking that they used to promote have a look at these from Gene 17 Kayaking whitewater trips.

Oner of the key things that used to be highlighted were the BCU (British Canoe Union) courses. These canoe certification courses are offered by a number of companies across the UK (in fact I did my 1 and 2 star BCU certification when I was in the Scouts!). There are also a number of UKCC coaching award certifications that you can train for and undertake too, to ensure you’re as safe in the water as you can be. And also so that you can competently look after others whilst on the water too.

Some of you may have read the book by Lao Tzu and so may recognise the following quote: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first paddle stroke.” Ok so we may have adjusted his saying a bit to make it more paddle related 🙂