Best budget paddle board UK

Stand-up paddle boarding is a popular water sport that has is considered to be the fastest-growing water sport in the world. This new variation of the time-honoured collaboration between humans and the floating board has gained popularity all over the UK as Brits seek out the opportunity of a new hobby, allowing them to enjoy the socially distant paddles on the water in the UK.

With several paddleboard brands and shops offering different products and deals, choosing the right paddleboard package can seem a little daunting, but it need not be difficult. While many factors go into the decision-making process such as price, specifications, and choice of material for your chosen board, the most important factor of all should be safety.

It’s essential to get the right size board when you’re first learning to paddle. A beginners’ board should be a size that allows you to stand up on it comfortably, without getting in any unnecessary trouble.

In this Internet age, shoppers are incredibly savvy, able to navigate from one site to another to get exactly what they want.

Best budget paddleboards UK

When shopping online for paddleboards, it’s important to see the price and quality-to-value ratio before purchase. With SUP boards, affordability should make up a large portion of your buying decision. Bigger and more competitive paddlers should factor in the overall value of their purchases. High-quality SUP boards cost more than entry-level boards but are almost certainly worth it.

Wider boards are more stable and less likely to tip at the nose. Longer boards are more manoeuvrable and buoyant in water. The shape ranges from a long, lean curve to a short, wide-ish point that is narrower towards the tail. The kind of SUP you’ll be looking for depends on your intended use. If you’re more interested in general paddling, the all-rounder is the better choice. If you want a board to learn basic strokes on, the touring-style is more suitable.

The average cost of paddleboards in the UK is anything between £200 and £700. Some of the most affordable brands are Aqua Spirit, Bestway and Bluefin. These brands offer great package deals that consist of a paddleboard, paddles, leash and a few other very handy accessories! 

Best Inflatable boards UK

Relatively new to the UK, stand-up paddle boarding, or SUPping has becoming a major activity in the UK. The sport has become a worldwide phenomenon and is a brilliant way to explore the UK’s beautiful countryside.

Comfortable and affordable, inflatable SUPs have become a great addition to the water sports industry. These boards are more portable than their rigid counterparts but still offer plenty of buoyancy. You can carry them on board easily, and they fold up small enough for easy storage.

If you want to get into a new sport but don’t have room for a boat, go for an inflatable paddleboard. An inflatable SUP board is the perfect way to get active on the water, whether it be for recreation or exercise. It’s not only easy to transport, but it also doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be stored away quickly and easily.

Gladiator paddleboard

Gladiator paddleboards are more than just a game-changing product with top materials and construction methods. Gladiator builds its inflatable paddleboard with a blend of premium quality materials and construction techniques, the same methods used by some of the most respected brands in the industry. 

Since 2009, the company has been producing inflatable boats, RIBS and more. The company has taken their passion for creativity and function into a global marketplace. They have a reputation as an innovative and ambitious brand with meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromising drive to create the highest quality products. Gladiator has been brought to the UK by FC UP Sports Ltd, a watersports company with nearly 35 years of experience.

Compared to other paddleboards Gladiator is unique because it is manufactured directly from their own factory. By cutting out the middlemen, the Gladiator team has a much bigger voice in the process and can be sure every aspect of manufacturing is of the very highest quality. Gladiator is a brand and factory. Through a highly efficient supply chain, they can create paddles at a much lower price point than all of their competitors. Allowing for higher profitability, Gladiator is able to keep prices lower than their competitors.

Gul paddleboard

Gul has an extensive line of products in every sailing discipline including a full range of buoyancy aids, wetsuits, spray tops, and all-purpose boots. Their paddleboards are built from impact-resistant drop-stitch PE with reinforced rails and double-layered rails for the non-surfer. It has a grooved cross-grain deck for grip, and two moulded-in fins for stability. A larger detachable fin is featured as well.

For 50 years, Gul has been a leader in innovation and technical development in the watersports industry. They have made their name by continuously innovating products that are unparalleled in quality and performance. Their lifetime warranties, testing for life guarantee, and dedication to customer service made them an industry leader.

Hatha Paddleboard

Hatha is a premium brand, and it shows in the design details. Their paddleboards are one of the most popular types of inflatable SUP’s! When teaching stand-up paddle boarding, one thing which can initially take people by surprise is that most of the boards they see people on are inflatable. For the experienced of us out there this isn’t an issue. However, when someone is taking to the water, probably for the very first time, they want to have confidence that the equipment they are using is up to the job.

In 2013, Dan Sulsh founded Hatha Boards. With a long history in surfing and river kayaking, he created one of the world’s best stand-up paddle boards for all disciplines of the sport. Now, Hatha Boards is a world-renowned brand with boards suitable for all levels of experienced paddlers. Their SUP’s are a lot pricier than the gladiator or Gul boards however they are still relatively affordable in comparison to the other higher-end brands such as Fanatic or Jobe.

Hiks paddleboard

Hiks is yet another incredible brand for affordable, inflatable paddle boards! Their prices range from £239.99-£600 The Hiks brand also sells essential paddleboard accessories such as buoyancy aids, paddles, life jackets, pumps, etc. Simply said, they are a one-stop-shop for all of your paddle boarding needs!

Hiks is a small family owned business. They are known for their affordable SUP’s as well as their great customer service.

Itiwit Paddleboard

“ITIWIT” is a contraction of “ITInerary” and “InuIT”, the inhabitants of the Arctic and Greenland, who invented kayaking thousands of years ago. The name of the first inflatable TRIBORD kayak is the name of this beautiful brand that wants to make stand-up paddling and kayaking accessible to everyone. The TRIBORD is a robust, easy-to-use inflatable kayak that is lightweight yet sturdy enough for those who want to try out this sport.

At Hendaye on the Bay of Txingudi, Itiwit engineers and designers design their futuristic products. They sit side by side with their customers and listen to feedback carefully. Their goal is to make paddleboards accessible to a wider range of people by designing and manufacturing products that help create the same comfort on water as they do on land. ITIWIT’s inflatable boards are easy to use and fun for anyone starting out. There’s no need to haul a bulky, heavy board in a backpack. The lightweight design and compact size make it ideal for use in parks or on beaches.

Mistral paddleboard

Mistral’s success story begins in 1976 when a small Swiss brand starts producing sailboards to cater to the new era of surfing. They develop a popular concept by combining a board with a sail and create what we know today as “Windsurfing”. 

This brand has now also expanded into the paddleboard sector, selling some of the most extravagantly designed boards, paddles, and other accessories. Each paddleboard is carefully analysed and has a score breakdown for each key feature; Pro level, Stability, Agility & Speed. SUP hardboards are considered the best quality stand up paddling boards in the world. The Mistral Vortex, Equinox 14’ race board, and others in their range are world-class race winners.

Their range of SUP hardboard boards are adaptable to any style of paddling. They are ideal for stand-up paddleboard (SUP) racing, SUP cruising, SUP yoga, WindSUP®, SUP recreational, and SUP surfing. Their high-performance paddle boards are crafted and upgraded for ultimate speed. Mistral SUP hardboards are made with advanced technology for strength and stability and are laminated in fibreglass, or fibreglass / epoxy or high-tech carbon fibre to maximize the performance. They also offer expert advice to help you select the right board.

Watt Sup paddleboard

Each of Watt Sup boards has been crafted to help you enjoy a great time on the water. Whether you’re a beginner who is looking for new experiences or a true pro, you’ll find your match in our complete line of boards that appeal to a wide range of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re paddling solo, with friends, or touring together, we have a board for everyone.

Watt Sup offers more stable, more rigid, and more resistant paddleboards. All in all, they are a quality stand-up paddleboard range, with a modern design, for new renewed gliding sensations. The top and bottom layers of their SUP’s are covered with fine-gauge polyester fibres. When inflated, these fibres tighten up and increase rigidity. The Drop-Stitch technology is the secret behind the board’s sturdy performance. They also pay special attention to the density of the yarn used in the production of their boards. With this new Drop-Stitch confection, inflatable paddleboards are lighter and more rigid.

Paddleboard reviews UK

Stand-up paddle boarding is now the world’s fastest-growing water sport. The latest figures released by the Watersports Participation Survey reveal that this is the most popular water sport in the world and had an increase of over 35% in participation from 2008 to 2018. This success has almost doubled in the UK since 2020.

Paddle boarding newbies have fallen in love with this sport right away. It can be both a sport of leisure for more casual trips, or an intense sporting event for those who are looking for a thrill. SUP’s enthusiasts have said that this sport allows you to view the world from a different perspective as your gaze is raised much higher than when kayaking. It is easy to learn and can be enjoyed both during sunny days as well as harsher weather that us Brits experience quite often. 

There is an investment required when looking to pick up this sport. Even when trying to stay on a budget, the cost of the paddleboard as well as all other safety equipment does add up especially when you are looking to engage your whole family. With that being said, those who did try out this new phenomenon and invested a few hundred into it have certainly never regretted their decision!


To conclude this topic, paddle boarding is an incredible sport for both teenagers and adults and has gained incredible fascination from people all over the world. This sport can be enjoyed alone or with family and friends and is an excellent way to safely enjoy outdoor outings when on socially distant paddles! 

In the past, stand-up paddle boards were simply surfboards with a few small modifications. They were heavy and difficult to transport, so many enthusiasts didn’t take them very seriously. Recently, however, improved materials and techniques have made stand-up paddle boards much lighter and more portable. The result is that they’re becoming more popular than ever.

The choice for paddleboards is endless. Customers looking to pick up this new sport have a wide variety of brands and stores to choose from even when on a small budget. Boards come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and weights to best suit your needs!