Best electric pump for SUPs

Most inflatable paddle boards, called stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) or even iSUPS, are super easy to inflate. They tend to come with a manual pump that can inflate one in about 10 to 12 minutes. Those who prefer not to use a manual pump can inflate them quickly and easily with the push of a button using an electric pump. (no these don’t normally come in those combined SUP packages).

Our must have iSUP accessory is a high-powered electric pump, because if we’re honest life is too short to be blowing up your paddle board to 15 psi manually. With an electric pump, a paddleboarder can easily inflate his or her SUP as fast as by doing it manually (but with much less effort). Electric pumps also help ensure that your board is completely deflated at the end of the day so you can pack it up tight before heading home. (And it’s got more of a chance to fit in the bag too!!)

So is an electric SUP pump going to cost you a fortune? Well to be honest no. The average pump comes in at about £120, whilst the cheapest ones are sub £70. What if you don’t want to pump up your paddle board with an electric pump using your cigarette lighter (12V socket) . Well you can get a power converter that will transform or step down your house power supply to that of a 12V cigarette lighter output.

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We’ve looked through the massive list of pumps that are currently available and selected the top ones that we’d consider when looking for a new electric SUP pump.

The Shark high pressure SUP pump

This is a stand-up paddleboard pump with an active cooling system that allows you to inflate your SUP with more air in less time and at a lower pressure than all-in-one pumps. The pump automatically turns off when the maximum air volume is reached, which means it will be less likely to overinflate. Attaches to your car’s DC power source. A 12A fuse provides added safety. This SUP pump also functions as a valve for inflating high-pressure inflatables such as pool toys and floaties. 

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