Bluefin Paddleboards

Bluefin SUP is a fast-growing SUP brand that has launched a line-up of high-quality inflatable paddle boards in the UK. This UK-Based company is in our opinion offering incredibly affordable paddleboards creating quite a good reputation for its self in the industry.

Bluefin is often considered one of the industry leaders when it comes to inflatable stand-up paddle boards, and they offer a great deal of value with their accessory bundle. With a generous warranty, high customer satisfaction, and excellent customer support, we feel that a SUP from the Bluefin SUP company is a great investment and are an ideal choice for newbies and experienced paddlers alike. Bluefin SUP is a family-run business with a passionate team of paddleboard enthusiasts. With a focus on providing accessible, high-quality products at an affordable price point, Bluefin is becoming one of the leading brands in the UK as well as the United States and Canada.

All Bluefin inflatable paddleboards come with a nice assortment of accessories like paddles and pumps. This young company is making a bold statement about the quality of their iSUPs by offering a generous 5 – year warranty that goes beyond the typical 1–3-year coverage.

Bluefin Stand Up Paddleboard

Bluefin Paddleboards make great, affordable gear for any paddler. Whether you are searching for a fishing board, touring board, or racing board, Bluefin can satisfy your needs. They offer a variety of boards with various features to fit all types of paddlers and they come in several sizes, so whether you are looking for a small board or a large board, we’ve got you covered.

Their range starts from the ‘Cruise’ Paddleboards offering 3 different Cruise SUP boards. Its starts off with the Cruise JR board that is specifically designed for the young paddlers and then goes on to the Cruise boards & Cruise Carbon. These are both available in 3 different sizes; 10inch, 12 inch and 15inch. The Cruise boards are an all-rounder aimed for beginners and newbies who are starting their stand-up paddling journey. The Cruise Carbon features all the benefits of the Cruise with the addition Flex Reduction System & AIRDUO double chamber stiffening technology offering even more rigidity and performance.

Next, we have the Bluefin Sprint paddleboards. The Sprint and Sprint Carbon SUP boards are specifically designed for the more advanced paddlers who are looking for extra thrill and speed when out on the water. Both are 14inch paddleboards At 427 cm long and 71 cm wide, these Inflatable SUP offers fantastic speed, stability and stiffness. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and exciting way to explore different waters or push their limits by racing at high speeds. Similarly, to the Cruise Carbon, the Sprint Carbon paddleboard has the added Flex Reduction System & AIRDUO double chamber stiffening technology combining to make the stiffest touring SUP this side of hardboards.

Another great addition to the Bluefin range was the Bluefin MAMMOTH 18′ Family / Group Stand Up Paddle Board Package. A fun inflatable SUP to take on the water with family and friends. With a massive 650kg weight limit, the MAMMOTH can be used by up to 10 people for a truly memorable experience. The MAMMOTH is 27kg and can easily be transported in any vehicle and this full package contains all the essential accessories needed to start the fun!  Often termed a ‘Mega Board’, these group boards are great for getting a group of people or a big family into the sport and enjoying themselves.

Last but not least the Bluefin brand also included 2 additional paddleboards in its range; the Aura FIT and the Voyage paddleboard. The Aura Fit is aimed at paddlers who combine SUP with Yoga, Pilates or aqua fitness. It is also suitable for all-round paddling too as it is a paddleboard after all! The other paddleboard is the Voyage SUP board. How much balance can you expect from a 38-inch-wide paddleboard with a huge carrying capacity? With the maximum stability of Voyage, you should be able to tackle even the most challenging water activities without wobbling (but don’t forget your paddle board life jacket though!). The extra-wide deck is an incredible advantage and will provide plenty of room for yoga, running rapids or anything else you may want to try.

Tandem Paddleboard

The Tandem is a great all-purpose board. Whether you’re a solo paddler, a couple wishing to paddle together, or paddling with friends and family, it’s the perfect board for all of your water and ocean adventures. With its flat bottom hull and triple fixed-fin configuration, the Tandem’s ability to glide over flat water while efficiently powering through waves makes it one of the most versatile boards ever built.

Tandem’s longer board is wider and heavier than the one-person board. It can carry more weight, so you can also take more cargo with you. More cargo for your trip means you can pack more food and drinks. You can also bring along your snorkelling gear, fishing gear, and camping gear as well.

The tandem board is a great option for those of you who are afraid to try stand-up paddle boarding on your own. It is more cost-effective and saves storage space when compared with two separate boards. You can even take turns paddling while your partner rests. And if you are looking to go out with a friend, the tandem board will make them feel more confident.