Camping Destinations for Winter in America

Arizona campgrounds offer something for all walks of life. No matter what your taste in outdoor activities, Arizona campgrounds has something to offer you. Once you decide which activities you will be enjoying while camping in Arizona, you will need to decide on where to go camping. There are so many diverse places to explore while camping in Arizona. Here are a few of the most popular Arizona campgrounds for people who prefer roughing it, but also like their watersports.

The Grand Canyon

Starting at sunset, the Grand Canyon offers views of both the Colorado River and the Hoover Dam. Tourists have to be careful of flash floods from the numerous river crossings. However, the floor of the Grand Canyon is perfectly safe to walk on and the crystal clear floor gives visitors an unbelievable panoramic view. An old ranger told me of a tourist who got washed over by the flash floods and was blown several feet into the air. Fortunately, none of the other tourists was hurt in this accident as the ranger was on top of a hill and was able to quickly relocate the tourist. The most dangerous place to camp in the Grand Canyon is close to the North Rim of the Canyon, the Rim completely surrounded by Canyonlands National Park. This camping spot is the Las Vegas of the Canyon. It is a tourist magnet and has numerous wonderful places to camp. Grand Canyon Campgrounds are very close to the popular Las Vegas Strip and have restrooms, outdoor showers, and general stores. The closest town is Moreno, Nevada. Be careful of the deep, narrow, and winding double-track roads in the Grand Canyon. It is not paved, but you can drive the road in reverse by pulling off the cairns.

Black Canyon

Black Canyon is one of the Colorado Plateau’s lesser-known camping destinations. This area of the Colorado Plateau is not as heavily dotted with as many interesting sights as the Grand Canyon. Still, many visitors spend the night in the Black Canyon preparing for their ultimate camping vacation. You can camp in the park’s developed campgrounds or hike into the canyon to avoid the off-trail camping areas. On the other hand, you can also camp in the park’s undeveloped campgrounds which are not heavily developed. These undeveloped areas provide a wonderful blanket of protection from the chewy soil of the canyon floor, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable while camping.

The most popular campsite at Black Canyon is the developed campground known as Valley View. This campground has decent showers, restrooms, water readily available, and a shop close by. Another popular campsite is the developed Canyon Creek Campsite. It has good showers and restroom and yet another shop is very close by. If you want to have a spa experience at the campgrounds, Canyon Creek offers a wonderful spa experience that you will be able to enjoy after a long day of camping.

Before you head to the Grand Canyon, make sure to have your core temperature checked on at least 2 separate occasions each day. The last thing you want to do is sleep out cold. The Grand Canyon temperature varies greatly so you will need to be prepared for the results.

Other things to bring packed with you include rain ponchos, solar blankets, an abundance of carbohydrates, protein, and remember to eat. It is not out of the question to survive the cold, dark, and rainy night and be able to enjoy a safe and fun camping trip the next day. The medications, foods, and liquids that you carry should be taken at all times. Make sure you have adequate fluids, sunscreen, insect repellents, and other Outdoor things packed with your camping gear to ensure that you are prepared for the trip.