Paddle board yoga

Ooooooh!, a yoga class in the middle of a body of water (lake, river etc)! Do you think you’ll be able to keep up with this trend? Stand-up paddle boards offer a unique way to practice yoga on the water. They’re not as challenging as regular paddle boarding which means that it doesn’t take much time to learn. After taking the initial paddleboarding class, you might be able to pick up SUP yoga pretty quickly.

In the last few years, paddle boarding has become a popular water sport for yoga lovers. With all the strength and balance demands of yoga, SUP yoga strengthens and engages yogis tremendously. People are even performing “acro” yoga on paddleboards, working on their yoga skills while doing an amazing activity.

SUP Yoga on Land or Water

If you have never tried water yoga before, now’s the time! Floating in a calm pool of hip-deep water is a wonderful way to ease into your practice. Being in the water can give you new perspectives, enhance your balance, and allow you to focus on your connection with your breath.

On land, you’re excellent at keeping your bearings and reacting to changes in your environment. On a paddle board, you’re being tossed to the wind as you balance on a surface that changes size and shape with every wave that rolls in.

SUP yoga isn’t just about surfing. It’s a full-body workout with aim to improve balance and coordination, strengthen core muscles, and target leg and arm muscles that have been neglected. The new challenges will challenge your mind and body, strengthening your mental and physical muscles instead of making you tired and sore.

Water is a great place to practice yoga. It’s relaxing, calming, and it also provides some pretty breathtaking scenery. Yoga outside on water is a healthy way to do it too. When you’re on the edge of your mat, you can take in fresh air and the beautiful scenery around you. Finally, practicing yoga outdoors truly is a relaxing experience.

Stand up paddle boarding is an incredible workout for all parts of the body. A combination of yoga and stand up paddle boarding is a fantastic way to sculpt and tone your entire body. When you combine yoga with paddling, your workout will improve in every way.