2 March 2021

Uenjoy Inflatable Paddle Board with Accessories

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Rating: 4.7 out of 5*

This particular paddle board is made with some of the most advanced materials available (according to the manufacturer) and includes the Dual-Action Pump with PSI Gauge, which provides air on both the up and down pumping action. This means you save 50% of the time you would spend when using other pumps to inflate your board.

A beautiful Coiled Ankle Cuff Safety Leash is included with this paddle board set because the adjustable padded ankle strap will comfortably fit any ankle size. It’s a great accessory for SUPing, and you’ll never worry about losing your board again if you fall into the water thanks to its clever design.

Your feet will be less likely to slip off the premium anti-slip design. The cushioned deck pad provides your board with essential grip as you glide through the water. The PVC material can carry a maximum weight capacity of 130 kgs.

The board comes with two permanent fins and soft foam covers. The board also comes with little foam protectors to cover the fins when it is rolled up. Reviewers noted that the board also came with much better accessories than they were expecting from the description. The leash has a swivel at both ends, which is also handy, and it should be noted that there are no d-rings or places for you to attach a kayak seat.

It’s worth noting that the paddle included with this kit is plastic and has a habit of sinking, rather than the aluminium options available.

The bag that is provided with this board has been noted by reviewers, as being big enough for all of the SUP kit, plus a wetsuit and even a bouyancy aid.

—> Check out the latest price!

Rating: 4.7 out of 5*

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