White Water rescue race

We’ve recently taken over the white water rescue race domain, but wanted to keep some of the relevant information for those of you interested in it’s past. The definition (according to the internet is) of white water is ‘fast shallow stretches of water in a river’; although many of us would consider most fast-flowing stretches of water as white water. Whilst we wouldn’t suggest using any stand up paddle boards on white water (mainly as you’ll very likely fall off!), it’s still interesting to talk about white water, and water sports that take place on it.

The White Water Rescue Race was considered to be a pioneering race, one might say one of a kind. The main purpose of the race was to spread and emphasise the need for trained white water rescue professional services across the European whitewater landscape. Interested in some pictures from previous events? They’re stored on Facebook just here.

It was organised annually with the intention of becoming an event which symbolised the starting of the white water river rescue services season, early in the Spring time.

Safety whilst in white water (which is why you should use a paddle board life jacket) and the requirement for rescue services across Europe was a key message, which the White Water Rescue Race promoted. A message which Paddle4Relief are massive supporters of.